Chris Perry

“Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power”

Lao Tzu

My interest in Martial arts began at the age of 28. I found Taekwondo after suffering a back injury in a car accident. Thanks to my caring teacher, Master Kim, I built my body back up and through his encouraging efforts I regained my health and physical ability.

After relocating I began training in the amazing art of Hapkido, but as I grew older, and being a musician, I became concerned about injury to my hands and wrists and stopped training at 45.

Five years passed before I came across the amazing world Tai Chi within the Cheng Ming System and began studying with Neil Meyers. Tai Chi is a fascinating world to explore and has a depth of personal discovery and refinement which will easily last a lifetime.

Now I look forward to applying thirty years of experience as a tutor and sharing my knowledge of Tai Chi with you, Chris